10 Homemade Minimalist Room Decor Ideas, Easy!

For those of you who like the concept of minimalism, the biggest challenge is choosing the right decoration products. The more you buy or ...

6 Ways to Make a Basic House Plan for Beginners

How to make a house plan is not everyone's general ability. But everyone can learn how to make a simple and basic home plan. Not just a hobby, understanding how to make a home plan can help you realize your dream home into reality with more precision.

Interested in knowing the basic stages of how to make a house plan that is generally used by architects and designers? Check out simple reviews on how to make the following basic home plans!

Start How to Make a House Plan from a List of Activities and Space Needs

Basic House Plan for Beginners

How to Make a House Plan Aktivitastwojachatka.pl

The first step in how to make a house plan is to make a list of various activity activities of each occupant who will occupy the house, from supporting activities to the main activity.

How to make the next house plan after you know the activity is to determine what space needs are needed to accommodate these various activities. In the stage of making this house plan, you might eliminate or combine several functions and activities if needed for floor plans.

Learn & Research About Standards and Needs of Each Space

Basic House Plan for Beginners
How to Make a Standard House Plan

Now you have pocketed a variety of home interior space needs, the next way to make a house plan is to research the space requirements. Starting from the standard size of each room, to various basic needs of the room such as whether space requires openings or you do not need to know.

How to make a house plan is important to ensure that every room placement in the plan does not interfere with and in accordance with these standards.

Start Making Correlation of Each Space and Zoning Placement

The next way to make a house plan is to connect the space needs of each other. For example the bedroom space is tight with the bathroom so it must be close together, the dining room is tightly close to the kitchen and family room while the kitchen room must be far from the kitchen and so on.

After that, how to make the next house plan is to provide zoning on the diagram of the relationship between spaces. Which part is the private, public and service area. Make sure each zone does not overlap and disrupt each other's comfort.

Change Zoning and Diagram to Basic Plan

The next step in how to make a house plan is to translate the zoning and diagram of the relationship between spaces into a basic plan. The components of the plan may only be simple lines to illustrate what the dream house plans will look like.

How to make a house plan with several alternatives

One way to make a house plan that you must definitely skip is to try various floor plans. The basic plan that you have made before you need to brainstorm to present the possibility of other house plans.

How to make a house plan with a variety of alternatives will help you get the best home plan so that the steps in making this house plan should not be underestimated.

Detail the Plan with Other Architectural Notation, Size and Details

After finding the best floor plan alternative, the step in how to make the last house plan is to provide details on the house plan.

How to make this one house plan includes notations that are in accordance with architectural languages ​​such as wall thickness, material symbols, emblems of door openings and house windows and the like. You can also measure the dimensions of the room and floor height along with other architectural details.

Now, you already have a complete and ready to use house plan. Although it has a long process, how to make a house plan can be studied and done by anyone.

By understanding how to make a house plan, not only is it easier to visualize ideas and needs, understanding how to make a house plan also makes it easier for you to communicate with architects and designers who use your services to realize your dream home.

Already ready to try how to make this house plan and create your own best home and family?

15 The World's Most Creative Unique Fences

The choice of fence is an important factor in home components. Fence design, size, and material must be adjusted so that the appearance of the house is not only attractive but also retains its function.

Fences have a function, one of which is to provide privacy and security for residents of the house. Not only that the function of the fence other than as a barrier can also be a decoration that can beautify the environment.

In designing unique home fences, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to. One of them is adjusting the model of the fence with the style of home architecture so that it feels integrated with the concept of the house building itself.

Unique Aquarium Fence

Unique Fences Aquarium

If the aquarium is usually placed in a room, this is not the case in a residence in Turkey owned by Mehmet Ali Gokceoglu. Mehmet changed the concept of conventional fencing to be unique. He replaced the metal fence that surrounds the villa with an aquarium, totaling 50 meters.

Barramundi, kurisi, mullet, eel and octopus are some Aegean sea species that live on Mehmet's aquarium fence. According to some reports, there are now nearly 1,000 fish living on the unique house fence.

Building a transparent aquarium structure as a fence is not difficult. The challenge is how to connect the aquarium fence with a pipe buried in 400 meters of soil, which is connected to the Aegean Sea.

The function of the pipe is to facilitate the change of water as well as maintain cleanliness, so that animals that live in unique aquariums are not short of breath by stagnant dirt.

Unique Colorful Pencil Shapes Fence

Creative Unique Fences

Bored with an ordinary wooden fence? This unique house fence can be your inspiration. The design of the fence from wood material transformed into an interesting work with a touch of art. Who would have thought that applying the concept of color pencil to fence design would awaken the interesting and unique side of a house? Different fence colors add creative and unique elements so you don't get bored with the same fence model. In addition, this unique home fence is suitable for those of you who like full color shades.

Unique Mirror Fence

Unique Mirror House Fence

This fence is made with materials that are quite unique. The appearance is so different because this unique home fence consists of acrylic, wood and aluminum. These materials make the mirror fence reflect light and also the appearance of the surrounding environment. This unique house fence is not visible and gives the impression of being one with the surrounding environment.

The person who has the bright idea of ​​making this unique home fence is Alyson Shotz, an American artist. The artwork was created in 2003 under the title "Mirror Fence". The unique house fence measures 42.06 m x 91.44 x 10.16 cm. Very unique and interesting right!

A Unique Piano Keys Fence

Fence Unique Home Piano Keys

Applying piano keys that are black and white also doesn't hurt you know for your unique house fence. The manufacturing process is also quite simple. Unique home fences are made to resemble black and white piano keys. This unique house fence can also reflect the character of the owner who likes music.

 A Unique used bicycle house fence

Unique Home Used Bicycle Fence

Recycling used goods is becoming a trend in recent years. If your house is filled with old, unused bicycles, don't rush to sell it.

These bikes can still be used to decorate your house. One of them is that it can be used as a unique home fence. The trick is to cut each part of the bike and arrange it according to taste on the existing wooden frame. It doesn't have to be neatly arranged, this unique house fence you can make with a random arrangement.

A Unique log fence

Cornond Woodana Unique Home fence

The main ingredient of this unique house fence is raw wood or commonly called log. To make this unique house fence, you can combine it with a lacquered wooden frame. Besides being able to highlight artistic value, this unique home fence can also be adjusted by yourself. You can also combine it with logs of various sizes, from the smallest to the biggest. Plus, you can attach natural wall hangings to your interior for additional decorations.

Unique US Card House Fence

Creative Unique Fences

For those of you who like to play poker cards certainly will not feel alien with this unique home fence design. This unique house fence has an attractive card pattern. Each wooden board is drawn in a US card pattern. Make your house as if protected by a giant US card on the front.

Unique Used Home Door Fence

For those of you who like to take advantage of used goods, one of these unique home fence designs can be used as inspiration. This unique house fence uses used doors as the main material. To present a more attractive appearance you can color it with bright colors. Besides giving a full color touch, this unique home fence also gives a vintage impression.

Unique acrylic home fence

Although the impression of this unique home fence does not provide much privacy for the occupants of the house. But this unique home fence has its own charm. This unique home fence is made of acrylic. This unique house fence is proof that to make a fence you can use any material. Not just iron or wood.
A unique house of glass mosaic

Mosaic home fence 

Have enough glass or used mirrors? Eits, don't throw it away first. You can use it to create unique home fences. You can start by breaking the glass in various shapes and sizes. After that, you can arrange the broken pieces of glass according to taste on the wooden fence to produce maximum uniqueness. Who would have thought the right mirror could be used as a fence decoration?
Unique home decoration fence

Unique Decorative Lights Home Fence 

In order not to be boring, you can be more creative playing with decoration lights or decorative lights for lighting on the fence of your unique house. The small LED lights that are often wrapped around this Christmas tree do look simple. However, if it is based on the right location, it can display a unique house fence looking more beautiful. Moreover, this decoration lamp is also not too expensive. Guaranteed, your unique home fence will become Instagram-able with the touch of the led lights.
Unique used window home fence

Unique Home Fence Windows Used 

Bored with your home fence made of wood, but don't have more budget to dismantle it with a new one? You can renovate it by using several used windows. Like the unique home fence in Twisp, Washington, the following. The holes in the window actually add to the artistic impression on the fence right!
Unique home used bottle fences

Used Bottle Unique House Fence

Recycling used bottles is not unusual at this time. With a little creativity, you can make your home look unique and different from the others. One of them is by using used glass bottles. You can change this used glass bottle into attractive home accessories.

One of them is transformed into a unique house fence. You can create it by hanging vertically using a rope. Artistic impression will be increasingly visible when you innovate with various used bottles of various colors and shapes.
Unique cactus house fence

The Unique Cactus House Fence 

Green plants can be used as unique ornaments to add aesthetics to the exterior appearance of the house. Cactus is one of them. This plant is one of the plants that is timeless or will never look ancient whenever applied. In addition, the treatment is also relatively easy. Well, there's no harm in starting to consider planting a cactus or other ornamental plants as a fence for your unique house. This unique cactus house fence will give a natural impression and close to nature.
Dragon's unique home fence

unique house fence with dragon shape

This unique house fence with dragon shape makes anyone who sees it will be stunned. The metallic color of this unique house fence gives a touch of dashing but also luxurious. His dragon body is really designed in such detail. His sharp eyes seemed to hypnotize anyone who looked at him.

What, after reading this article, have you been inspired to create your own unique home fence? If you like this article, don't forget to share and read other interesting articles

Practical and Funny, These are 6 Unique Kitchen Tools that Make Up You Cook Spirit

 Speaking of cooking, this activity is one of the most favorite favorite activities. Cooking can provide its own satisfaction because it produces dishes that can be eaten alone or with family, especially if the results of the dishes are good and the positive response from the closest people. But the problem that often occurs is cooking takes a long time. Even though you have used suitable kitchen equipment, sometimes cooking can be a troublesome activity.

You need to know that there are actually many unique kitchen utensils and can help you solve this problem. By using it, you can save time and cooking becomes more practical. Because of its uniqueness too, you can have anti-mainstream kitchen equipment. Below are some cooking utensils that will help you cook or just have a unique shape. Come on, let's see below!

Tablet support

Today, many people are starting to switch to using tablets as a medium to read various writings, including recipes. Tablets are usually placed near the cooking area which has the potential to be dirty to get spilled cooking ingredients. Now, using this tablet buffer, you don't need to worry about your favorite tablet being dirty or damaged. Besides that, you also better read the food recipes.

If you have memorized the recipe, you can play your favorite song on a tablet that is supported by these kitchen utensils. You can also use it to view movies or video clips of your favorite singers while waiting for your cooking to mature. Of course, don't forget to turn off the stove so that your cooking doesn't burn.

Corn Peeler

Usually, people peel corn using some kitchen utensils, such as knives and grated. Using both can save time, but knives and graters can harm you. People also often peel corn using their hands, which takes a lot of time.

Kitchen Paring Equipment Corn rd.com

To answer this problem, try using this corn peeler. These kitchen utensils are shaped like big donuts. Stand the corn you will peel and put the peeler on top. Press the peeler from top to bottom of the corn. Corn seeds will be peeled off and entered into a circle. To remove it, you can simply make the lid of this kitchen equipment and take the corn kernels.

Blade of the Mountain Surface

Mountain Carving Knife Kitchen Supplies

Bored with the kitchen knife, right? Try using this knife. Made of stainless steel, the blade's surface is in the form of a mountain carved. Every mountain curve is given the name of the mountain and its height. That way, your knowledge of mountains increases while cutting cooking ingredients.

However, you still need to be super careful in using these kitchen utensils. Because the surface is textured by mountains, there are some sharp points. Better, keep these kitchen appliances out of the reach of children. Don't put the knife anywhere. Store in a safe place.

Pac Man Oven Gloves

Pac Man Oven Gloves

Gloves are used for various functions. One of them is to help protect our hands when taking a hot tray from a microwave or oven. You can try using Pac Man's silicone gloves. This kitchen equipment can be the answer for you who are saturated with an ordinary glove model.

With a yellow circle with a gaping mouth, Pac Man's gloves can protect your hands from the heat of the tray and hot air from the microwave or oven. You can cook while nostalgic to the old school game, Pac Man, who had hits in his day. Guaranteed cooking will be even more exciting!

Dumpling Mold

Dumpling Printer Kitchen Equipment

For you dumpling lovers, this kitchen equipment could be your answer. The troublesome thing when making a dumpling is to put the meat into the dumpling skin and glue it using water or egg white one by one. It's the same as making apple pie or other foods that have the same technique.

Now, by using this dumpling mold, you can make several dumplings at the same time. You just have to put some dumpling skin in the mold. Give dumpling meat as desired. Apply water or egg white as glue on the edge of the dumpling. After everything is done, close the kitchen equipment and press for a while. Open the mold and voila! The dumplings are ready and you just boil or fry them.

Egg Yolk Separator Fish

Egg Yolk Separator Fish

One of the difficulties that often occurs when cooking is separating the yolk and white. The technique commonly used is to break the eggshell in half with the same amount. Then spill eggs from one shell to another until the yellow remains. This method can make your hands sticky because of the egg white.

To overcome this, try using this fish-shaped white and egg yolk separator. This super cute kitchen equipment is more practical to use. Break the egg and put it in a bowl.

Lift the egg separator and press using two fingers. Bring the kitchen equipment to the yolk and release the pressure. Egg yolks will be sucked into these cute kitchen utensils. Pour the egg yolks into the other bowl. That way, your hands won't stick anymore.

The six kitchen utensils above are just a few of the many unique kitchen utensils that can help you be more practical when cooking. You can look for it in kitchen supply stores near your home or you can buy it. Well, if you want to buy kitchen equipment you want, adjust it also to the budget that you have. You can buy at a high price, but make sure that the kitchen equipment is used, yes!

Simple Teenage Pink Theme Room Decoration!

Decorating a teenage room is quite complicated. Because adolescence is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. His favorite objects in childhood can change, especially for young women. Who used to like decorating a room with a Barbie theme, maybe now prefers a minimalist theme. But one of the most common things, they rarely reject simple teenage room decorations with pink themes.

Therefore, this time Kania wants to share ideas for simple teenage pink themed room decorations. Certainly that doesn't look tacky and can be used until teenagers grow up. Look at it!

1. Decorating simple teen rooms with pink walls

Simple Teen Room Decoration Themed Millennial Pink! Google.com

Decorating a simple teenage room with a pink theme does not mean that the entire contents of the room must be pink, but just a few elements. For example, coloring one wall area with pink and the other part of the wall using brick wall wallpaper.

If you want to highlight the more girly side, just use a few pink items ranging from pillowcases to drawer doors.

2. Decorating simple teen rooms with pink fabrics

Simple Teenage Room Decoration with Pink Millennial Theme!

The bedroom is one of the rooms that uses the most fabric elements, ranging from curtains, mosquito nets, bed linen, pillowcases, and also sitting pads. If you want to remodel a child's room and apply simple teen room decorations, changing the color of the fabric in the room is the easiest and cheapest way.

Want to equate the motives of all fabric or not, we leave it to each other's tastes. But we suggested avoiding pink fabrics from end to end. Instead, choose a fabric that has a pink color on the motif so that the room does not look tacky and claustrophobic.

3. Simple and elegant teenage room decor for two teenagers

Simple elegant teen room decor for two remajapinterest.com

Land limitations currently force children to occupy one room together with their siblings. But don't make room size as an excuse for not giving simple teen room decorations.

This simple teen room decorating idea can make a medium-sized room for two people look more elegant. Use a mosquito net and a small pastel pink sofa on each bed. For the menu, choose the model dangling to the floor. Finally, add a matching colored carpet so the room feels more comfortable. Finally, add a mirror with a gold frame to perfect this simple teenage room decoration.

4. Decorating a simple teenage room a blend of pink and gray

Decorate a simple teenage room with pink and ash blends abupinterest.com

The combination of pink and gray is quite popular with teenagers because the atmosphere is not too girly but still looks beautiful. If you want this simple teenage room decoration to look "fair", try to use pink on the curtains, chairs, some pillows and gray on the blanket, bedside, and some pillows.

5. Simple teenage room decoration with Scandinavia

Simple Teen Room Decoration Themed Millennial Pink! Google.com

Usually Scandinavian interior style rooms are dominated by white, gray, or brown. What if this time applying a simple Scandinavian-style teenage room decor with pink dominance? The result turned out to be pretty too.

The main key is to use pastel pink so the atmosphere remains soft. Don't forget to add fabric elements that add comfort. The rest, avoid using too much decoration. Just choose a chandelier that is unique in shape and a few pots of green plants are small to put in the corner of the room.

Of the five simple teen pink themed room decorations, which one best suits your taste and personality?

7 Inspiration of Living Room Together with the Park

What are the criteria for an ideal living room? The answer is certainly not only depends on the taste of each homeowner, but the available spatial conditions. But if the outdoor factor is one of the criteria that must be met, then Kania has the inspiration of a living room that integrates with the garden that you can copy the following!

Family Room Blends with the Garden, a Small Family's Ideal Paradise

the family room blends with the garden or park

Casual, relaxed and open-minded makes why a living room integrates with a park is a trend that must be tried if you have land and budget. Inspiration of the living room together with the garden above is just one of the many comforts that can be offered to family members who are tired of activities all day outdoors.

Of course, the living room together with the garden must be considered well, especially in terms of weather and furniture durability. With good planning, the living room together with the park can be the most ideal little paradise for anyone.

Simple But Still Comfortable

the family room blends with the garden or park

Keep the luxury concept first and it is impossible when the idea of ​​a living room blends with the home garden in your mind. Because with a patch of land you can still add extra lounge space that can be used with friends and family.

The park in question also does not need to be styled like a professional garden landscape magazine, the important thing is observance in creating the concept of "open" and "continuous", so that the living room blends in with the garden to flow between spaces perfectly.

Slick Door Sliding Transition

the family room blends with the garden or park

The interior ideas of the living room together with the garden can also be presented by bridging the living room with the outdoor part via a transparent glass door. This will bring the impression of the living room together with the garden which is ideal for medium-sized or no large land left. Thus, you can enjoy two spaces at once without worrying about the cost or the complicated order.

Vertical Garden Family Room

Vertical Garden Family Room the family room blends with the garden or park

The limited land does not need to be a reason for not having a living room to merge with the park, because the concept of a vertical garden can be an equally beautiful and fresh solution for families. The concept of a living room blends with this garden located on the upper floor with the concept of a vertical garden.

Take advantage of access to the master bedroom

Take advantage of access to the master bedroom
For those of you who do not have an extra page on the front, do not immediately close the possibility to have a family room together with the garden. Many home models provide access to the balcony of the house adjacent to the main bedroom, so why not try to transform it into a living room together with a garden that can be enjoyed by every member of the house?

Enchanting Eclectic Decorations

family room blends with garden decoration

Have a shop house model? Just move the living room together with the garden to the very top and create a private decorative lounge. Invite a natural impression by choosing natural elements, such as brown walls, open white roof designs, and rattan furniture. Enter the garden components that will turn the atmosphere of the family room together with the garden like a cool inspiration above.

Family Mainstay Comfort Zone

the family room blends with the comfort zone garden
One more inspiration for the living room to be integrated with a realistic garden that you can create to enjoy with your family. The living room together with the garden can be presented as an additional area that is more comfortable to use, while the main living room can be converted into a meeting room or office space.